Next-gen Application Performance Management

In just the last few years, the way IT services are delivered has changed radically. Today, you need a monitoring tool that’s aligned with these new realities—a tool like Boundary. Boundary is a SaaS offering that gives you real-time insights into the performance of applications that matter to your business—no matter where they’re hosted or what platforms they run on.

The Application Performance Management Challenge

Today’s applications operate in an entirely new paradigm, one with unique architectures, technologies, and demands. Today, applications have to deliver unprecedented levels of:

  • Responsiveness. End users demand real-time response, whether they’re running analytics or shopping online. Optimal service levels need to be preserved; even slight performance degradations can have disastrous consequences.
  • Scalability. Whatever the nature of your application, scalability is a big issue. You can’t continue to expand by buying bigger machines, so you have to scale horizontally. Consequently, you combine next-generation database technologies and application services with public cloud infrastructures.
  • Availability. Modern applications also need to be highly available. Weekly downtime associated with “scheduled maintenance” isn’t acceptable. Applications need to be updated on the fly and remain running through the upgrade process.
  • Agility. Businesses are demanding agility and speed within IT. To keep pace, developers are making changes to application code daily or more, and pushing those changes directly into production. The lines between development, QA, and operations continue to blur, and DevOps is the discipline that’s emerging.

The New Application Performance Management Requirements

Today’s business demands—and the technologies and processes required to support them—create the urgent need for a new breed of IT management solutions. Today, you need a solution that:

  • Collects data continuously, rather than on an ad hoc, intermittent basis, enabling effective, data-driven analysis.
  • Delivers complete application views, regardless of which application languages, platforms, or infrastructures are being used.
  • Provides up-to-the-second updates, so operations can immediately assess the impact of application or infrastructure changes—before they result in issues that affect users.
  • Enables application monitoring without requiring any modifications to application code or introducing any latency.

Boundary: The Next-gen Solution for Application Performance Management

Boundary is an innovative solution that is uniquely suited to tracking and optimizing performance in today’s complex, dynamic, and distributed physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments. Boundary makes it practical to visually track the interrelations of traffic between all application services—and drill down into the details you need—so you can get a true, real-time understanding of performance, where issues are, and where they might arise.

Boundary is the only application performance management solution that captures the flow data required—regardless of the infrastructure. To accomplish this, the solution leverages software agents that reside on application server instances and observe the packets flowing in to and out of every instance. Every second, the flow data collected is sent to the SaaS-based Boundary service, where it is processed by a lightning-fast streaming engine. The service runs thousands of queries against the data in real-time to give customers unique, deep, and instant insights into the overall performance of their applications.

  • Unobtrusive implementation. Boundary doesn’t require the intrusive instrumentation, language-specific coding, and restarts associated with deploying traditional APM tools. Through its SaaS model and efficient agent-based deployment, Boundary is fast and easy to implement, so you can efficiently start monitoring all your applications, no matter how many services and instances your organization relies on.
  • Dynamic application topology. Boundary examines the data being sent by each agent in real-time to track your application traffic. Boundary maps the connections between all of the tiers of your applications into an accurate and up-to-date application topology and monitors the flow both between and within tiers (i.e. within clusters).
  • Instant visibility and insights. Boundary is able to show key metrics second by second, including the amount and types of traffic currently passing between tiers, application latency/round trip time, and error counts.
  • Early warning of performance and security issues. Boundary establishes normal behavior for your application and uses that to warn you whenever any metrics deviate too much from the norm. Alerts are set up automatically and let you know about potential problems. This can also be used for security alerting, for example when internal systems receive traffic from unexpected hosts or start sending large amounts of data outside your network.
  • Advanced performance analytics. With access to historical data in Boundary, you can analyze the early indicators of a particular incident, and so better predict and preempt future issues. You can also view trends to measure traffic growth and do capacity planning. You can compare day-to-day and month-to-month values to identify anomalies.

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