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Unified Monitoring for Web-Scale IT

Today’s IT teams are planning, building, and operating applications with a new set of “Unified Monitoring For Web-Scale IT. Every second counts.” technologies and processes, allowing these applications to be built, scaled and work much faster. Web-Scale IT utilizes many newer technologies and processes such as Cloud, NoSQL, SOA, Agile Development, DevOps, Continuous Delivery/Deployment and more. In this new, fast moving environment, traditional monitoring solutions cannot provide the real-time visibility and context needed to ensure performance and availability of these applications.


Unified Monitoring for Web-Scale IT. Every second counts.

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In Web-Scale IT environments, Boundary combines high frequency metrics with application context to find and diagnose problems before they cause outages.


Boundary: A New Monitoring Paradigm

Boundary delivers a second by second in context view of application health, infrastructure performance and metrics, with a consolidated view of all events, alerts & changes that are taking place.  Boundary helps you find anomalies and problems in real-time, delivering the visibility and context you need to anticipate and solve problems and minimize downtime and performance issues, even in the most dynamic Web-Scale environments. Learn more about “Why One Second Matters“.

With Boundary you can find, diagnose and resolve problems faster, preventing costly downtime and degradation in performance. Designed to deal with the challenges of modern, highly distributed applications, Boundary has shifted the paradigm of IT monitoring:

From The Old

To The New


Sampled in minutes Continuous, every second
Only continuous monitoring gives you the visibility you need, samples at 1 minutes intervals don’t work for today’s demanding applications.
Alerting Anomaly Detection Alerting on static thresholds is too late. We must see anomalies and problems before the user, or we have already failed.
Servers Applications To focus on what matters, service delivery to the user, we must have real-time application context to prevent and minimize outages and degradations.
Firefighting Continuous Improvement To support Web-Scale IT and its continuous application change and deployment, our monitoring must drive continuous improvement.
Isolated Work-flow In-context Collaboration Problem solving is a team effort. Our monitoring solution must extend to fast and flexible collaboration, in context to our data, to speed problem solving.
On Premise SaaS All of this has to deploy quickly and effortlessly. Why would you monitor Web-Scale applications with old, static on-premise solutions?
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