Product Features

Get a Single View of Application Health

Consolidated Operations Dashboard incorporates customizable trends views with centralized events to provide the operational knowledge needed for proactive awareness.

  • One view for the entire operations team
  • Real-time trends of critical metrics
  • Integrated events for consolidated operations management
Get a Single View of Total Application Behavior

Receive Early Warnings on Critical Issues and Events

Early Warnings based on behavioral analytics so you receive the information you need, when you need it … and not when you don’t.

  • Analytics for trend analysis and anomaly detection
  • Algorithms to “forecast” behavior and alert when out of range
  • Alerting at all levels (Node, Application, Custom Group)
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Receive Early Warning on Critical Issues

Boundary and 3rd Party Events in One Console

Enriched Event Consolidation with an open event API for 3rd party integration, all in the context of your applications based on per-second flow-based topology graphing.

  • Boundary and 3rd party events with application topology context
  • Pre-built library of event connectors, APIs for others
  • De-duplication and correlation with powerful filtering and searching
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See Events Across All Systems, Apps & Services

Visualize Application Behavior in Real-time

Per-second discovery and dependency mapping from application flows provides accurate, real-time topology graphs.

  • Real-time application discovery and dependency mapping
  • Easy to visualize response times between application tiers
  • Based on actual application traffic from all hosts
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Get a Single View of Total Application Behavior

Per-second Application "Chatter" Analysis

Know your application infrastructure end-to-end with per-second analytics on flow data between every host.  Identify and resolve problems immediately with high resolution forensic data.

  • Boundary listens to all conversations between all components of the application stack
  • 1-second data collection and real-time streaming processing
  • Language and infrastructure agnostic for 100% coverage
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See Events Across All Systems, Apps & Services