Enterprise Event Management

Trying to manage a modern IT environment without a consolidated view of operations is like trying to drive a car at 100 mph while looking at six different dashboards.The proliferation of development, build, and operations tools has made it increasingly difficult to stay in control of IT and reduce downtime. Too often, developers and administrators have been left with two unappealing alternatives: Either they have to try and write their own event consolidator or they struggle with legacy products from a different era. Boundary is the industry’s leading SaaS-based enterprise event management offering, enabling you to track and optimize your modern, rapidly changing application infrastructures. With Boundary, you can consolidate, standardize, prioritize, enrich and correlate events and notifications from hundreds of systems into a single console.


Everything in one place.

Want to consolidate alerts and events from your existing tools like Chef, Puppet, Nagios, AppDynamics, New Relic, Splunk, ServiceNow and Pingdom? You got it.

Legacy tools such as Nimsoft, Zenoss, and all the big 4 platforms? Yep.

They’re all easily integrated using Boundary’s events API, and we offer a pre-built library of event adapters for commonly used systems.

Key Features Include: