Customer Case-Studies

Download (PDF) Jumptap

“Boundary will help us as we continue to grow and add another data center.  It’s a great real-time network monitoring tool with historical data, and it is more cost effective than other full-blown monitoring solutions. We can also use it on ad hoc basis and ramp up on it as our needs change.”

- Rick Lavery, Director of Technical Operations, Jumptap

Download (PDF) CurrencyFair

“Many of our markets are growing quickly, so getting instant insight into any jumps in the data flow is very useful for our APM efforts. As we are growing quickly, Boundary will be invaluable in allowing us to see the real-time effect of this growth, and helping us plan for growth going forward.”

- Paul Phillips, Chief Architext, CurrencyFair

Download (PDF) Gilt

“Boundary was very simple to install, and almost instantly we saw data about our environment. Seeing all this history, second by second, can indicate if there is a hint of a problem. It’s critical that we have a continuous picture of our environment and we look at Boundary every day.”

- Stephane Bailliez, Principal Software Engineer, Gilt

Download (PDF) StumbleUpon

“Boundary has proven a great way for us to dive deeper into what is happening on the network by bubbling up current status and potential issues faster and more accurately than we were achieving with our other monitoring methods and tools”

- Michael Hobbs, Operations Manager, StumbleUpon

Download (PDF) Netradar

“The most important benefit of Boundary to Netradar so far is the ability to detect possible performance issues before we make any changes in the production system. As we grow our service around the globe, we will benefit from Boundary’s trending views. By showing how much data we transfer across our customer base, Boundary will help us better plan for our AWS usage.”

- Arttu Trevo, Developer, Netradar

Download (PDF) RequirementsLive

“Boundary has already paid for itself by saving us time in troubleshooting and by delivering new network-level insights. It’s easy to use and enables me to quickly view traffic between different components of the infrastructure, such as between the Web and database server.”

- James Gunn-Wilkinson, Chief Technology Officer, RequirementsLive.

Download (PDF) Egnyte

“Our business is in a high-growth phase. Boundary has become an important tool in our arsenal to help identify network-related performance issues and to improve our ability to deliver a fast and reliable service for customers. Some of our larger customers have a lot of very large files, so the faster that we can serve the files to them the better, because it affects their productivity. Upload and download speed is a KPI which we monitor very closely and Boundary is helping us improve those metrics all the time.”

- Kris Lahiri, Co-founder and VP of Operations, Egnyte.

Download (PDF) Jive

“We prominently display the application performance data we receive from Boundary for our teams. This provides peace of mind, and gives everyone from customer service and tech support to our executive team the ability to see our current status and say, ‘everything’s green; we’re good!’ We would definitely recommend Boundary to anyone.”

—Bret Palsson, Director of IT Operations, Jive

Download (PDF) Mosaik

“We are bound to SLAs for all of our Web traffic, so any tool that gives us a heads up to potential problems is very beneficial. In addition to daily monitoring, Boundary provides an infrastructure-wide view of performance and helps us reason through problems and optimize the network.”

- Wayne Bills, Manager of Software Development, Mosaik Solutions

Download (PDF)

Boundary delivered insights that helped the team at

  • Optimize the application and reduce network utilization by 70%.
  • Reduce its networking-related troubleshooting costs by nearly 80%.
  • Save roughly $2000 in staff time per significant incident.

Download (PDF) Inaka

“Using Boundary is saving our company weeks of troubleshooting and a lot of head banging. At a higher level, Boundary has minimized our bandwidth costs and improved our ability to diagnose problems, helping us resolve a critical database issue. With Boundary, we can operate much more effectively.”

- Chad DePue, Founder, Inaka

Download (PDF) Qbranch

“Boundary gives us the ability to understand how our service utilizes the network and at the same time visualizes component interaction. Something that previously took a lot of effort has been radically simplified, which enables us to spend more time building and improving our service.”


Download (PDF) Minefold

“Boundary is ideal for our modern development setup that requires spinning servers up and down on the fly depending on our load. Our application is really fluid—Boundary’s tagging lets us keep track of instances that are totally ephemeral. We love Boundary’s visualizations.”

- Chris Lloyd, Co-founder Minefold

Download (PDF) Friendster

“As a high availability website, we roll out code into production every day. As code changes get deployed, we want to make sure everything is working properly at the instant the new release goes live. Boundary’s real-time analytics are key to that.”


Download (PDF) Okta

“With Boundary, we can now identify specific application service traffic volumes, such as MySQL traffic, to proactively size our cloud instances and handle peak demand. Before Boundary, we didn’t have visibility into the global aggregate volume of traffic.”

- Adam D’Amico, Director of Technical Operations Okta

Download (PDF) GitHub

“Before Boundary the network traffic flowing around our infrastructure was opaque, making it very difficult to understand without a great deal of work. Boundary provides us with actionable intelligence quickly.”


Download (PDF) DNSimple

“Boundary has developed a truly impressive tool that’s tailored to modern IT environments. Their monitoring platform gives us a high level perspective into network patterns that we didn’t even know existed beforehand. It gives us a much more complete, granular view of our network and has even created new questions about certain behaviors and patterns that we didn’t previously think to ask.”

- Anthony Eden, CEO, DNSimple

Download (PDF) Urban Airship

“Tracking real-time performance of our environment is critical, and Boundary is invaluable in this effort. Boundary makes it easy to tell where packets are moving, which nodes are getting the most traffic, where the bottlenecks are, and more, which is tremendously helpful in managing our performance-intensive infrastructure.”


Download (PDF) CMP.LY

“Running services in the cloud, it can feel like everything’s hidden in a black box. Boundary gives us a really detailed look at the traffic in our Amazon EC2 environments, providing insights we simply don’t get with other tools. With Boundary, we can proactively identify problematic patterns that might be arising, and take steps to preempt issues, so we can ensure an optimal user experience.”

- Michael DeLorenzo, Chief Technology Officer, CMP.LY 

Download (PDF) FullContact

“Our customers and our business rely extensively on our cloud- based infrastructure to deliver sophisticated and resource-intensive data processing. With Boundary, our operations team gets the vital real-time insights it needs to stay on top of traffic patterns, quickly spot and address issues, and tune our deployments so we can continue to deliver fantastic service to our customers.”

- Dan Lynn, CTO FullContact