About Boundary

Modern IT Operations Monitoring

Boundary provides Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring. Requires zero change to the application, is agnostic across languages and infrastructures, sits on every VM, collects massive amounts of performance data, consolidates data from other sources and puts it all in context with its unique, real-time application map.Only Boundary offers all of these features:

SaaS- No scoping, procuring, deploying or managing hardware, no complicated software upgrades, and no delay in getting up and running.Open Architecture- Leverage our extensive library of adapters or use our REST API to build custom adapters quickly- or we can do it for you.

Real-time Views- Unique, per-second application chatter and operations analytics provide an immediate view and an always current application topology.

Immediate Alerting- Find out about changes and code updates as they happen, and instantly track the impact.

Historical Data- Rewind time, see granular activity and analyze event data from an entire year. Spot trends and find problems faster.

Boundary Event Management centralizes and correlates events, alerts and notifications from any source into a single cohesive view enabling Ops/DevOps to quickly see the total picture.

The event management is enriched with Boundary’s ability to provide a real-time all-the-time snapshot of the logical application topology. Now, instead of being informed of a problem or change with a random or unknown server instance, operations can quickly see which application tier is effected and what other application tiers are dependent on that tier.

When problems or changes do occur, Boundary optionally allows for a live look-in at the up to the second streamed application chatter data.

Resolve problems faster, see the immediate impact of change and prevent costly downtime or slow performance.

Since its founding, Boundary has quickly amassed a substantial customer base, serious accolades, and power-house engineering and management teams. Dig further into our service or sign up for a free trial and find out how Boundary can help you.