Unify Application Events

Consolidate, Filter, Prioritize, Normalize

See Relationships & Topology

Correlate, Impact, Discover, Understand

Second-by-Second Visibility

Incredible detail, Rich history

Boundary Customers

Increase Availability

Prevent Downtime. Accelerate MTTR.

“Our systems process over one billion requests each day on AWS; with no planned maintenance, Boundary provides the actionable insights I need to keep our service reliable and our users safe.”

Michael Hood, Lead Engineer at Life360

Enable Agility

100% Visibility. 1-second Data.

“Boundary was so simple to install and almost instantly we saw data about our environment. Seeing all this history, second by second, can indicate if there is a hint of a problem.”

Stephane Bailliez, Principal Software Engineer at Gilt Groupe

Lower Costs

Increase staff efficiency. SaaS.

“Boundary is the first thing we look at every day. We are serving about 25 million unique visitors a month. If the site is not up, we’re losing revenue, so it’s extremely important for us to identify anomalies and track network behavior all the time.”

Ben Sgro, Director of Software Development at Business Insider